The Giraffe & The Snail

The history of the biological link between the giraffe and the snail can be traced back to Plato and his dialogues with the lesser-known Athenian proto-zoologist Gryphelus:

[A]nd of the creatures possessing antennae, it is the shell creature and the majestic African long neck that are the most closely related […] Closeness, therefore, rests not on size, for if it did, the rock and the boulder would be more distant to each other than the boulder and the man.

However, it is only in the past few years that the pioneering work of Dr. Dietmar Babelgaus at the University of Zurich has exposed the true genetic relationship between these two remarkable animals. Although Dr. Babelgaus’ research has not yet been published outside of the scientific community, it is already shattering long-held assumptions about the animal kingdom and the division of life itself. Not everyone, of course, agrees with the  findings, but only a truly popular and open discussion of the work will either deny or confirm its startling conclusions—conclusions that, even for the layman, are clear and profound: a giraffe is a mammal, a snail is not; that a mammal can be more intimately related to a non-mammal than other mammals is both extraordinary and revolutionary!


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