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An Art History of Erotic Peeing

Havelock Ellis (1859-1939) was a British sexologist: impotent until age 60, when, much to his surprise, he found that he could become aroused by the sight of a woman urinating! The term for sexual arousal related to urination is urolagnia. Urolagnia encompasses both thoughts and acts, and may involve watching someone pee, peeing on someone, or being peed upon by someone else. Urolagnia may also involve urophagia, the drinking of urine—one’s own or otherwise.

The following is a selection of images from the shelves of Western art that depict peeing in an erotic context. I have tried my best to identify the artist and image and give at least a rough estimate of the date. Much of the information comes from Taschen’s massive Erotica Universalis, though I’ve also made use of Google’s book and Scholar searches. The images are, as much as possible, in chronological order:

?, Erotic Mosaic in Timgad, (ca. 100 A.D.)

?, carving from Cloister of Champeau (15th c.)

Bernard Picart, "Two Fountains" (16th c.)

?, "The Pisspot" (16th c.)

?, "The Pisspot" (17th c.)

Rembrandt, ? (17th c.)

Rembrandt, "Woman Pissing" (1631)

?, from "The Academy of Ladies" (1680)

Francois Boucher, "La toilette intime" (1741)

Jean-Francois Garneray, "La toilette intime" (18th c.)

?, from Dutch edition of De Sade's "Juliette" (1798)

?, from Dutch edition of De Sade's "Juliette" (1798)

Chauvet, from "Memoirs of Casanova" (19th c.)

Chauvet, from "Memoirs of Casanova" (19th c.)

Deveria, from "Diabolico Foutro Manie" (19th c.)

Eugene le Poitevin, from "Erotic Deviltries" (1832)

Peter Fendi, ? (1835)

?, "The Sovereign's Entrance, Germany" (ca. 1900)

?, ? (?)

?, ? (?)

?, ? (?)

Mario Tauzin, ? (ca. 1930)

Picasso, "Pissing Woman" (1965)